Team Style




NANOGRESS products sell well in more than 180 countries and regions with the excellent and powerful support of the Group's product R&D team, product manufacturing team, market operation team, space aesthetics team, life aesthetics team and sales service team all over the world.

Nanogress teams have been adhering to the consistent Italian quality and craftsmanship, and we will not forget the mission of spreading the quality and spirit to the world.

Product Manufacturing Team



The Group owns the world's top high-end porcelain and ceramic tiles manufacturing team in Italy and China that specializes in producing high-quality products.

Market Operation Team



As an international high-end brand, a professional marketing team with an international vision is the foundation of the Group. It has great creative vitality and rich experience in market insight, brand promotion, marketing planning and event planning.

Space Aesthetics Team



The Group focuses on the values that design and aesthetics bring to space. The space aesthetics team picks Italian fashion elements and brings international modern aesthetics trends to the product and experience terminals, providing designers with rich materials and inspiration.

Life Aesthetics Team



Dedicated to bringing international high-quality living elements such as coffee, wine, aromatherapy into the experience museum, and constantly upgrading way of life.

Sales Development Team



At present, we have set up sales and service teams in North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Greater China to deeply cultivate the international market and customize the sales and service system for the local market.

Product R & D team



Product R&D Team: The Group owns two technology research and development centers in Bologna, Italy and Foshan, China and Italian art design center in Milan, dedicated to the research and development of new high-endporcelain and ceramic tiles.